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New England Triumphs (NET) is dedicated to the enjoyment, restoration and preservation of Triumph motor cars. Owning a Triumph is not required to join our club.

Latest additions to the website: (6/8/20)

What's Ahead...

Club Events are listed below. In some cases, details are not yet available and will be provided closer to the date. As we approach an event date, check the club calendar here on our website for late-breaking information. It's not always possible to update the website's home page at the last minute, but we do our best to update the calendar entry for an event if the date, time or meeting location is changed or if an event is cancelled.

* UPDATED * 2020 Driving Season Update; Day of Triumph - CANCELLED

Our club officers have decided that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unlikely that any of our usual driving and social events will be held this year. This is truly unfortunate but health and safety must come first. As a result, we have decided to waive club dues for 2020. Anyone who has already paid, or who sends in a check this year, will have their membership extended through the end of 2021. The extension has already been applied for those who have renewed for 2020 and is reflected in the membership status list in the Members Only area.

Two events in particular require a lot of advanced planning and pre-payment of certain expenses, namely Day of Triumph at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and our End of Year party. As a result, we are cancelling both events at this time. Update (6/8/2020): The Larz Anderson Auto Museum has officially cancelled all car club-sponsored lawn events, including Day of Triumph, for 2020. They may hold some other lawn events this year. Keep an eye on their website for more information.

Another challenge we are currently facing is producing our newsletter. The vendors we rely on are currently closed, and even if they were open, we do not want our newsletter editor making runs to the print shop, office supply store and post office for the foreseeable future. Therefore, we have decided that members who currently receive a paper copy of the newsletter will be switched to the electronic version.

As you'll see in the section below, there are many other events that are popular with our club members that have also been cancelled this year. Let's hope there will soon come a time when we can get together with other club members for a drive and some ice cream. In the meantime, we hope everyone stays safe and well.

BCNH Show of Dreams, VTR National Convention & The British Invasion - CANCELLED

We are sorry to report that the British Cars of New Hampshire Show of Dreams (Sat July 25), the VTR National Convention in Galena, Illinois (Aug 31-Sep 4) and The British Invasion show in Stowe, VT (Sep 11-13) have all been cancelled. The official announcement about The British Invasion can be found here. While we are not the organizers of those events, so many of our members attend that we thought it might be helpful to post the information here.

Start-up Meeting - CANCELLED

Due to COVID-19, we postponed the start-up meeting. Please send any event information you had planned to discuss at the meeting to Stan, our assistant director, who will add it to our club calendar. You will find his contact information on the Contact page.

Southern New Hampshire Tour - CANCELLED

The Southern New Hampshire Tour has been postponed. When and if the tour is rescheduled, we will post the information here and on our club calendar.

License and Registration Please...

Membership Status

Can't remember if you paid your dues this year? Now you can check on our new Membership Status page in the Members Only area. A password is required to access this part of the website.

Club Regalia

If you haven't taken a look at the regalia we have available, we have photos in the Members Only section of our website.

New Club Badges -- On hold until further notice

NET club badge Please note: We are unable to procure club badges at this time. The shop that makes them for us is temporarily closed. Please do not submit any badge orders until further notice. Thanks!

We have new badges! The club will provide at no charge, one name badge for each current NET member and one for his/her significant other. “Current” members are those who have paid their annual dues. If you haven’t yet paid, please include your dues check with your badge order. All of the details, examples, and the order form are in the Members Only area.

New Treasurer/Membership Secretary

Rick B

After over 10 years as our Treasurer and Membership Secretary, Rick Trowel is stepping down. Rick's contributions as a long-serving club officer go way beyond the tasks he did in his official roles as Treasurer and Membership Secretary. We all owe him, and Stephanie as well, our thanks for everything they have done to help keep our club going.

We are very fortunate and grateful that Rick Barnard has volunteered to take on these roles! For those who may not already know him, here is a photo of Rick working on his prize-winning TR6. Rick B. met with Rick T. to transition everything over and is ready to accept and process your membership renewal forms (it is that time of year!). The membership form has been updated with Rick B's contact information and is available here on our website. The updated version will also be distributed in the next newsletter. Rick's email address is available on our Contact page. Please offer Rick your thanks for volunteering to help run our club.

Read about past club events on our Event Reports page.
Club newsletters are posted in the Members Only section.